Anthony Portelli – NOT an ethical business person.

Hello, my wife and I rented a home from Anthony Portelli and his company Trident estates. We paid our rent each month an often heard Anthony say that he wishes that ALL of his tenants were like us.

Our move in cost were $3300 dollars. We lived in the home on West Round Table in Canton MI, for 2 years.

Anthony was always complaining about other tenants that he had to file eviction notices on and stated that he wished that all of his tenants were like us.

In January of 2009, we bought a house of our own and moved out of Anthony’s house. When we moved out, all seemed to go well except that Anthony was NOT able to provide our deposit. He began providing excuses about being out of work, new baby etc… For the record, at the time, we too had a new baby, number 4 to us.

Over a 2 month period, he provided us with (2) $500 checks. Since then, Anthony has been unreachable by phone or any other means.

In Jan 2010, a summons was returned to the 35th district court as refused.

Now, I’ve had to work to get money that belongs to me and my family.

According to Michigan law, a deposit remains the property of the leasee until the leasor files a claim for it. That would be for any damage to the rented property or failure to make payments.

According to law, the money was supposed to be deposited into a bank account and held until claimed. Well this obviously did not happen as Anthony refuses to pay us.

This is a picture of Anthony Portelli:





















Anthony now works at, or as I believe it, is partnered with the “Medicinal Marijuana” grow light people.

You know, the people that try to legitimize their business by claiming that it is GREEN and saves energy. They have Anthony listed as the Manager but.........…. I believe otherwise.


Anthony is currently planning to (If he hasn't already done so) file bankruptcy on as many as 15 properties owned by him and his Trident Estates.

If you live in any of these homes, you are probably already screwed. DO NOT MAKE ANY CASH PAYMENTS TO ANTHONY!!!! Pay with check or money order and be clear about the description.


Grow Green MI

332 W. Main St. Brighton MI 48116

Located 1 Mile off I-96. Exit #147 Spencer Road.
Easy ON and Easy OFF expressway

Feel free to contact us at:

Online Sales:     (800) 875-6804
Brighton Store: (810)  299-2900










Hey Anthony, you were able to duck the first court date but you have a new court date on 3/10/2010. If I don’t get my family’s money, rest assured that

I’ll make sure that EVERY house in your sub gets a copy of the link to this page. I’ll sit in front of your house with signs on my truck that say “Dead Beat Land Lord”



You know who.

And you know HOW to reach me.

As I am creating this page, I just received a phone call from Anthony wanting to know what this is all about (he was just served today). Anthony just asked me to verify my address so that he can give it to the bankruptcy attorney, SO THAT HE DOESN'T HAVE TO PAY ME. those were the words out of his mouth. (2/12/2010 18:58)



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